About Us

What: Last Picnic is a clothing brand that offers seasonal occasion wear and streetwear basics. Our garments are gender neutral and we aim to offer inclusive sizing wherever possible.

Last Picnic has a keen sense of occasion and a love of themes, parties, and fun. Our goal is to offer accessible and affordable gender-neutral statement pieces to enhance your wardrobe and add a little something extra. We hope that each seasonal capsule collection will be a moment.

We also offer cozy, size-inclusive basics that are perfect for lounging the morning after an event, walking your pet, or working from home. We love a queen that balances fun and R&R!  

Who: Last Picnic is a team of three friends who met in university and have been showing up late and overdressed to every social event ever since.

When: Last Picnic was born during lockdown 2020. While we were social distancing in our individual apartments, we were dreaming of the day that we could all cram our sexy bodies onto a sweaty dance floor once again.

Where: Canada, baby!  

How: Ingenuity, charisma, hard work, friendship, and love.

Why: When you are in lockdown and it feels like the world is ending you just want one Last Picnic.